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Special Spray Ball

spray ball DN50/2
with horizontal cut-out

Sprühkopf mit Halbsprühwinkel

spray ball with screw thread

Sprühkopf mit Gewinde

Spray ball with 180° semi-spraying angle upwards in addition 2x12 horizontal cut-outs with spray circle Ø about 10m for extra intensive cleaning.

If desired we deliver our spray balls with screw thread:

  • Internal screw thread: G1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2" or 2"
  • External screw thread: G3/8"

spray ball all sizes with spray angle 180 ° - side spray ball with bayonet lock


spray ball be made up of 2 symmetrical hemispheres

Sprühkopf mit Vollsprühwinkel

Spray heads with a 180° lateral spray angle, multifunctional with the spray pointing upwards, downwards, left or right. Individual spray balls with bayonet lock.
With a complete 360° spraying angle, with holes on either side for a continuous pipe, with a recess for the cleaning of the bottom of tanks and agitators.

spray ball
As a low-aerosol shower-head

Sprühkopf als aerosolarmer Duschkopf

Spray ball all sizes with slots

Here the architectural design required a spray-head in the shape of a shower head, with more holes, a 3/4" connection and a spray diameter of almost 180, for disinfection in personnel and material locks for laboratories and research facilities.

For lateral installation for the cleaning of agitators (e.g. box agitators), 2 enclosed compartments are formed, without directional deviation, and with an angle of 180°. The range extends approx. 2m in an upward direction, and even further in a horizontal and downward direction. 

Subject to technical alterations

More versions from spray balls on request.

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